Contract #ForTheWeb

Bringing together actors and stakeholders from around the world to collectively define our responsibilities towards ensuring a free, open and fair web for everyone.

Phase Stage Milestone Description
1 Principles [Jun 2018] Contract Idea The Web Foundation plans to start a collaborative effort to build a Contract for the Web. A set of guiding principles is developed with very few initial partners.
1 Principles [Nov 2018] Launch of the Principles Tim Berners-Lee launches the Principles for the Contract at the Web Summit in Lisbon in front of 20,000 people at the venue and thousands online.
2 Contract [Dec 2018] Core Group A Core Group of governments, companies and civil society organizations is formed to start the process towards building the Contract based on the guiding Principles.
2 Contract [Feb 2019] WGs Forming The principles are grouped into five topic areas and multi-stakeholder Working Groups start working on the Contract on a per topic basis.
2 Contract Public Engagement Once first drafts are ready, there is a broader consultation engagement with signatories and the general public.
3 Contract Contract The first version of the Contract is completed.
3 Contract Contract Launch The Contract is launched. Call for actors and stakeholders to sign onto it.
3 Contract Post-Launch Gather additional signatories. Increase the stakeholder base towards actual implementation.
3 Accountability State of the Web Release of the State of the Web report, summarizing status and progress.
4 Implementation Implementation The Contract is implemented by individual stakeholders.
4 Implementation Support The Contract is kept up-to-date. Further governance enhancements. Work on accountability framework.