Building the Contract for the Web

In November 2018, Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced a project to build a new Contract for the Web that would bring governments, companies and citizens together around a shared set of commitments to build a better web. In January 2019, over 80 signatories to the contract principles debated and negotiated the full details and commitments to be outlined in the full Contract. That process was informed by a public consultation with input from more than 600 people, including policy experts. In July 2019, we published the first draft text of the Contract for the Web.

Now, for the first time ever, we have a global plan of action — the Contract for the Web — created by experts and citizens from across the world to make sure our online world is safe, empowering and genuinely for everyone. We invite governments, companies, civil society organizations and individuals to back the Contract and uphold its principles and clauses.

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Next steps

The launch of the Contract for the Web is a crucial milestone.  But it is only the first step toward our ultimate goal: a world where all people across the globe are able to use the web to learn, communicate and collaborate, free from fear of abuse, privacy violations and disinformation.

The Contract sets the model for the web we want. Now, we must turn to the work of building concrete solutions to support these goals.  To do this, we will once again convene experts to develop specific, evidence-based solutions to the problems facing the web.

We will also ensure measurement and accountability of the Contract’s clauses. Companies and governments that endorse the Contract commit to supporting the initiative, promoting its objectives, and upholding its principles and clauses. We will work with partners to track progress of stakeholders’ commitments. We’ll also rely on the authority and expertise of regulators around the world to hold companies accountable for complying with existing laws that support the Contract’s goals.

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