Core Group

This group will be engaged for the duration of the process and will steer the process and help to synthesise feedback during its stages, always operating under the Contract Terms of Reference. This group is responsible for the release of the Contract in a timely manner, ensuring the effective negotiation of the Contract and the highest quality outcome.

The rest of the working groups will each go in depth on a specific theme of the Contract and provide advice to the Core Group on what the Contract should include. An online consultation process will allow anyone, from any sector, to provide feedback through a series of survey questions that will feed into the development of the Contract by the Core Group.

Group Members

Chair: José M. Alonso, Web Foundation

(participants in alphabetical order)

  • Adrian Lovett, Web Foundation
  • Antoine Jourdan, Government of France
  • Besart Copa, Pango
  • Derek Slater, Google
  • Emily Sharpe, Web Foundation
  • Fadi Quran, Avaaz
  • Jamal Edwards, Microsoft
  • Jan Gerlach, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Juan Ortiz, Web Foundation
  • Kaja Ciglic, Microsoft
  • Kirsten Rulf, Government of Germany
  • Lillian Nalwoga, CIPESA
  • Maximilian Senges, Google
  • Nathan Miller, Avaaz
  • Nnenna Nwakanma, Web Foundation
  • Sharon Johnson, The New Now
  • Stephen LaPorte, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wairagala Wakabi, CIPESA