Building solutions to the biggest tech challenges facing our world

We urgently need more collaborative and innovative ways to tackle the significant technology policy challenges we face, from privacy and online safety, to misinformation, discrimination and internet fragmentation, to name only a few. At present we don’t have enough spaces where companies, governments and civil society can work together constructively to create product and policy solutions that can shape a better, fairer, safer web.

The Tech Policy Design Lab, the flagship initiative of the Contract for the Web, will help change this. We aim to bridge the gap between companies, governments, civil society, and those who use online services — applying the right mix of expertise and real experiences to create effective, workable product and policy solutions to some of the biggest technology challenges of our time.

The Contract for the Web calls on companies, governments and civil society to develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst. The Contract sets the model to help forge a new phase of tech policy development: where solutions are developed on the basis of sound evidence; where there is meaningful multi-stakeholder participation; where people’s experiences drive policy and product design; and where solutions take into account the full diversity of those who use digital tools.

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