WG B – Openness

This group had the task of defining and agreeing upon a set of ambitious and yet actionable set of commitments that fell under Principle 2: [Governments will] “Keep all of the internet available, all of the time. So that no one is denied their right to full internet access.”

This Working Group focused on the concrete commitments that governments must make to ensure that all of the internet is available, all of the time. This includes the type of procedural norms and standards that should be considered in assessing potential censorship and shutdown cases.

Group Members

Chair: Besart Çopa, AnchorFree (previous chair: Mike Geer, AnchorFree)
Co-Chair: Nnenna Nwakanma, Web Foundation

WG Advisor: Avri Doria

(participants in alphabetical order)

  • Amir Dossal, Global Partnerships Forum
  • Anulekha Nandi, Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • Auke van Slooten, SimplyEdit
  • Bernard Shen, Microsoft
  • Ghislain de Salins, Government of France
  • Javier Pallero, Access Now
  • Jean F. Queralt, The IO Foundation
  • John Walubengo, Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
  • Kirsten Rulf, Government of Germany
  • Layal Jebra, Moubarmij, Inc.
  • Liza Garcia, Foundation for Media Alternatives, Inc.
  • Steve Crown, Microsoft
  • Wairagala Wakabi, CIPESA